Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Adaptability, what is it? People say I am very adaptable and that used to make me happy at that moment and indirectly it was an expectation set for me from the world to continue to be so! and unknowingly I suffered. My perception(rather popular perception) of adaptability was to get used to anything happening around regardless of good or bad(Indians, it's in our DNA!) and tried my best to cope up with stuff. Some good example is my manager figured that I accept any rating during my appraisals and agree to cancel my leave plan anytime he asks me to. I continued that for a long time (after all I was 'adaptable') till I became too stressed, completely drained out. I guess there's a thin line between adaptability and safe guarding your interests and both can/should exist at the same time . What I lacked was exactly that. Root to all this is lack of self-esteem and urge to please everybody, which is the root to many problems. So you think and define what adaptability is, don't let others decide it. Again that doesn't mean say NO to everything and be rude and arrogant.

A good and steady beginning is essential to maintain good rapport, image in the work place, so better raise concerns at initial stages and give out a message that you are like this, this and this. Do this, before u get labelled as 'Adaptable' !

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